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He won’t take what he can’t keep.


Poppy Mackenzie thinks she’s happy.  Sure, not everything has gone her way.  She has a non refundable vacation that she’s not willing to give up with her ex.  She never noticed the rage hiding under his surface until her vacation takes a turn off a cliff.


Wyatt Greer picks up her irresistible scent on a search and rescue.  His life in Firebrook is full with his lodge and the mountains which doesn’t leave room for a brassy city bartender.  But Fate knows what she’s doing when she throws his mate into his life.


With a murderer roaming Firebrook, Wyatt’s possessiveness isn’t enough to protect Poppy, not when she denies what’s in her heart.  Afraid a threat from her friends will put her in further danger, Wyatt needs her to stay with him.  Poppy can’t uproot her life for love, but her old life doesn’t satisfy her anymore, not when there is a patient mountain of a man waiting for her to return.

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