The Wounded Winds Series

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Emerald Promise

August 13th, 2021

A mate is one responsibility he doesn’t want.

After being shot by a mysterious hunter, Caiden Greer finds himself in a town not his own surrounded by strange shifters that saved his life.  But he’s stuck until he heals, giving Fate a chance to ignore Caiden’s refusal for relationships. He’s introduced to a woman with green fire in her eyes and a soul that needs awakening.  Caiden can’t control his attraction to the fiery redhead, despite how much he resists.

Her past comes back to haunt her.

Maggie Scott is forced to return to the one place she vowed never to go, where her step-brother’s legacy tainted her own.  Reluctantly, she agrees to let Caiden take her back, but didn’t expect to end up staying at his lodge.  Her attraction to Caiden is a whirlpool of fear and excitement and Maggie decides to take a leap at happiness.

But it isn’t only her past that torments them, threatening to take away the shifter she’s grown to love.  That is if the grizzly himself would stop pushing her away.

Amber Oath

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Her world crashed to halt, now she has to take flight.

Holly is free after two years imprisoned in a fighting ring, but her soul is extinguished.  More animal than woman, she’s unable to face her former life.  Holly flees from her future, family, love.  But when she’s left grasping for life, Fate throws at her the one person guaranteed to force her to face her own strength.

He doesn’t let anyone make his decisions.

Anthony stands his ground, even against his father’s wishes when he pursued his career.  He sees a lot of sick and injured wildlife in his job.  Stubborn, Anthony decides to care for an injured owl rather than take her to the rehabilitation centre.  But when his owl goes missing, Anthony grapples with the truth of what Holly is and what Fate has decided for him.

Danger takes away their control and pushes them both down a path of uncertainty.  But it’s their trust in each other that will decide their fate, their future.

Silver Chains

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Her hope had all but faded.

For two years Ezaray has been forced to be a prized fighter in an underground organization alongside her best friend. Ezaray was beginning to believe escape wasn’t possible until a man with silver heat in his eyes shows up with a plan to break them out.

He never expected finding his mate.

Zachary’s life has been on hold searching for his missing cousin. When he finally gets a lucky lead, he finds more than he was looking for. The second he caught Ezaray’s scent was like being struck by lightning. Now that’s he’s found her, he’ll do anything to keep her.

But they aren’t out of danger yet.

While Ezaray isn’t sure what to do with her newfound freedom, she knows for certain she’ll do anything to keep it. But the one responsible for her imprisonment is willing to do anything to put his best fighters back in chains. And Zachary refuses to let anyone take his mate from him now that he finally has a chance at a happy life.

Auburn Ties

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She’s drawn to the wild and full of independence, but all that is threatened by the moves of a higher power.

Confused by her overprotective friends, Shaye evades their attention and follows the things she loved to do with her father.  The wilderness called to her.  So much so, that she follows when a demanding grizzly bear leads her to a lone cabin in the woods near the lake.   A man steps out the front door, changing everything she’s ever believed in.

He refuses to find his mate and pushes his past away.

No one deserves to be stuck with a man with Nathan’s past.  That’s why he fought against Fate and Her plans.  He holds onto the memory of one person only, the rest he’s buried.  Nathan is better off alone.

But he learns fighting Fate only causes pain.

Their pasts are tied together.  But danger lies there.

While revealing the events of days long gone, they discover a dangerous man.  One that when he lays eyes on Shaye, he decides he has plans for her. To keep her safe, Nathan is forced to make an impossible decision. And there’s only one choice if he wants to save his mate and put his past to rest.

White Bonds

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Everything changes, when he’s forced to expose his secret.

Asher Morestead lives a double life protecting his secret. His life was lonely and uncomplicated until the scent of a beautiful brunette leaves him weak and dizzy. No one told this wolf his fated mate was out there.

Fate has chosen her, she just doesn’t know it yet.

Gwen Taylor enjoys working at Woods Bistro and forging her own path in life, veering away from her father’s. Her favourite part of the day is when the handsome veterinarian walks in, whose rough voice and deep eyes make her heart race and her body quake.

After being saved by a white wolf, Gwen can’t stop thinking about those familiar blue eyes.

Now seeing wolves is a normal occurrence, but Gwen’s being watched, and her growing attraction to Asher only serves to confuse her.

With his animal need for Gwen rising, and the number of wolves showing up, he may not be able to control himself. Asher needs to claim Gwen as his mate without running her off – or she might run straight into the hands of her stalker, or into dangerous paws.