Wild Rescue - Epilogue

Blair counted the number of times her phone rang.  The name flashing on the screen made her stomach twirl.  She hadn’t answered one of his calls yet.  And he’d called often in the past three weeks.  She always answered his texts.  After seeing the experience Poppy had with Wyatt, Blair didn’t want to chance Noah coming after her.
But she’d had enough.  Enough of the ache in her core, enough of her thoughts making her dizzy.  Sliding the little green circle across the screen of her phone, she answered the call for the first time in three weeks.
“Damn, kitten.  It’s good to hear your voice.”  Noah’s growl made her heart race.  Her pulse thrummed through her veins with anticipation.  But he wasn’t here to fulfill it.  “How are you?”
“You’ve been calling me to ask how I am?  Something you already ask in text messages?”
“Yes, Blair.”  The entire week she’d spent in Firebrook, he’d rarely used her name.  Hearing it now made her paused.  “I want to know how you are and I want to hear it, not read it.”
“If you want honesty, I’m not okay.”  She hadn’t been okay since discovering Noah was a shifter.  Or since Poppy left.  Or since finding out that Scott and Luca escaped custody.  What the hell did Poppy, Wayne’s bar, and Firebrook have in common.  Blair wasn’t going to let that go.  But it wasn’t the only thing plaguing her.  “Did you forget to tell me something?”
Noah didn’t answer right away.  His breathing was heavy and even through the line.  “I didn’t forget to tell you anything.”
After putting all the pieces together with Poppy and Wyatt, Blair couldn’t stop thinking she was Noah’s mate.  They hadn’t kissed, but when he’d touched her, her skin zapped like an electric fence.  “You chose not to tell me.”
“I’m not having this conversation over the phone, Blair.”  That deep hum sent delicious shivers down her spine.  She imagined his dropped chin, vibrant eyes, and locked jaw.  Noah had given her that same look several times over their week in Firebrook.  “I’m coming to get you.”
Blair licked her lips.  When he’d lifted her from the trunk of the car, holding her against his bare chest, he’d nuzzled her neck and it had been the closest they’d been.  Even in that moment he still hadn’t kissed her.  She’d wanted it.  She wanted his touch even now.
“Don’t bother.”  Blair had other things she needed to chase.  Blair had the next three episodes of Blairable pre-recorded and had packed up her podcast to take on the road.  “I won’t be here.”
“Blair.”  Noah growled into the phone and she ended the call, cutting him off.