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Shades of Cruelty
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When an unconscious raven-haired beauty appears on King’s doorstep, he’s furious to find her on his territory. Who would leave her with a killer like him? He left the mercenary world.  But it’s rude to return a gift.

Dark eyes watch her from the shadows when she awakes. Ember Bellamy wants answers King doesn’t have, but she knows he’s a dangerous man. Discovering the man she shouldn’t trust is the one she does.

King never should have retired, but now that he’s keeping Ember, he can’t go back to that life.  His secrecy is blown.  King is the target and Ember is the prize.  He won’t let anything happen to her, even if it means embracing the darkness in his soul and accepting the monster within.

An illegal job is best done by those with the most dangerous reputation.


Sophie Lee made sure to hit her abusive husband where it hurt when she escaped him.  She left him without a penny to his name.  Looking to the law for help isn’t an option, but mercenaries might be able to give her what she needs.


His home is in the shadows.


Dak rules the darkened corners.  The life he led created a savage soul and one of the deadliest mercenaries alive.  Helping women escape abuse never had a price. But as he has a woman on the run pinned against the wall, he takes one step out of the shadows. Saving Sophie comes at a cost.


For once, Sophie is on her own.  But finding out her ex was involved in more than she knew puts her two steps behind.  And in danger.  Her plans crumble when bullets fly, she’s chased down, attacked, and to top it off, has to fight a dark eyed mercenary at every turn who makes her shiver and submit like she never thought possible.

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Shades of Savage

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Shades of Chaos

Available Now

Daughters of crime bosses are taught two things, be seen as a pretty bargaining chip and not heard; so far acting the part of a field mouse has worked in her favour.  

Kinley Curry is just waiting for the right time to escape her gilded cage.  That moment comes with the announcement of her engagement.  Kinley refuses to be the piece used to unite two crime families.  Being a stow away bride on the run is as exhilarating as it is dangerous.

Hendrick’s mission to find who killed his brother is instantly derailed by a gorgeous woman in an improbable white gown climbing into the back of his truck.  He finds her quirky demands distracting until her reasons for using him to smuggle her away draw parallel to his brother’s death.

Escaping her father costs Kinley everything. Despite Hendrick’s promise to help her find freedom, he starts to backtrack.  The only way to find the truth is to return to Hendrick's roots.  And his return will be even more chaotic with Kinley by his side.

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